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David Greenland

Managing Director

Travel and Travel Management is what I know best. I’ve been 29 years in the industry and have spent 16 of those in travel management.

The international aspect of this job has always held appeal for me and it’s given me the opportunity to experience so many different markets, business environments and unique situations across the globe. Travel management has allowed me to work alongside companies ranging from mining to medical and a lot in between. It’s also a dynamic industry where things can happen in an instant and we have to be ready to respond, often incredibly quickly.

My role is very much to ensure the team here is working collectively to achieve the best results for our clients and shareholders, but in an environment that is rewarding for the people that make up our business.

I strongly believe that travel management is most effective when you don’t make a science out of it. It should simply be an enabling mechanism for clients to get their job done. The complexity is ours to deal with behind the scenes, not put back in the lap of our clients.