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Maria Barberowski

IT Operations Manager

I’ve enjoyed 30 years working in the travel industry and I have been with Concierge since 2008. My career has been split between working for travel agencies and the travel technology firms that supply them.

I love making sense of the complexity this industry presents, and I enjoy the diversity it offers. I transitioned into IT project management and business analysis about 15 years ago when online booking tools really started to get traction. In fact I was part of the launch of the very first corporate online booking tool in Australia! I enjoy the progression of automation particularly within the connectivity and online space.

My role is about making sure every one of our systems are current and running optimally. I also facilitate the development and implementation of our travel management tools that support client reporting and analysis, through to online booking and itinerary apps. Ultimately all those things that either make the journey easier for the traveller, or the job of the travel manager more effective.