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Managed travel programs

Managed travel programs help you manage your travel budget and, if done right, save your organisation money. On average, a managed travel program is about 4% of your travel expenses, but often organisations that invest in one will see far greater savings. Research by the Global Business Travel Association indicates that a managed travel program can save you 10-12% annually. But a managed travel program is more than a cost savings measure – it improves the travel experience for your staff and travellers.

A managed travel program is a comprehensive, end-to-end process that maximises efficiency for a company’s business travel. We will work with your key stakeholders, travellers, and travel manager to develop a program that meets your organisation’s goals.

We will gather information about how much your company travels, where you go, how much you spend, and your company’s budget for business travel.

Your company’s travel policy is an integral part of understanding your business travel profile. We will offer recommendations on how to improve it to align with your company’s goals. If you don’t have one, we can work with you on developing one.

Companies of every size can benefit from instituting a managed travel program. It reduces the workload for your employees and your road warriors will travel in style.


A Managed Travel Program will…

Consolidate Your Data – When all your expenses are in one place you can accurately calculate how much of your travel budget is going to hotels, flights, car rentals, and more. Data is power and consolidated data gives you the insight to effectively manage expenses.

Provide the Best Technology – Flexible solutions are at your fingertips.

Bring Experience and Expertise – We’ve got over 30 years in the travel industry so we know all the tips and tricks to ensure you get the best deal every time.

Provide Consulting and Account Management – Dedicated and proactive professionals are paired to each travel management area to achieve your top objectives and provide program optimization plans.

Offer the Support You Need– Our team at Concierge Business Travel is available to you 24/7.

Keep Your Travellers Safe – You can rest easy knowing that a team is looking over your travellers and ensuring their trips go smoothly.

Provide Easy Policy Control – We offer flexibility within an umbrella that works for you.

Leverage Our Supplier Relationships – Chances are, we have great relationships with the suppliers you already use. This translates to better deals for you at the same service you’ve always relied on.

Include Value Added Services – We offer VIP service for senior executives as well as reward points redemption.

Travel is best left to the experts. At Concierge Business Travel, we know how to steer you towards the right decision on travel…and away from the pitfalls. If you are interested in beginning or reviewing your managed travel program, Concierge Business Travel can show you how easy it is to get started.

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