We start with you

When you first meet us, we won’t talk about us,
we’ll ask about you.

We’ll spend the time it takes to get to know you and your organisation in depth.
We truly listen to what you say about the travel requirements of your organisation so we can then craft a solution that meets your needs precisely.

Start a conversation with us about how we can understand and help with your particular requirements

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Our service is customised

We don’t just work with clients – we work with people. Our service is customised to suit your unique organisation. It goes back to listening carefully from the outset and right throughout our relationship. And we don’t just listen to what you need in general terms. We get to know what you do day-to-day, because it’s that personal relationship that allows us to deliver the perfect travel results for your organisation.

Everyone is high priority

We don’t have highest priority clients. For us, everyone is a high priority no matter what size their business, how much work they do with us, or the size of their budget. And we don’t believe in having one person per client. We think you should feel like your organisation has access to an entire team of people working together to better fulfill your requirements.

We work with you

As your business changes, we’ll change with you. Growing together and growing closer in our relationship as a result. Although we always deliver a range of interesting and effective solutions, we welcome your ideas and look to create a two-way relationship. And we engage with you regularly, meeting as often as necessary to get the job done.

At Concierge, every journey starts with a conversation

Our team is vastly experienced, highly skilled and deeply committed to their work and to our clients. They’re great communicators with the ability to get to the heart of what your business needs. And for us, being great communicators begins by being great listeners.

  1. David Greenland


  2. Jamie Strickland

    General Manager - Operations

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    Account Manager

  4. Leanne Douglass

    Account Manager

  5. Maria Barberowski

    IT Operations Manager

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