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Corporate Travel Management

We don’t just work with clients – we work with people. Our service is customised to suit your unique organisation. It goes back to listening carefully from the outset and right throughout our relationship. And we don’t just listen to what you need in general terms. We get to know what you do day-to-day, because it’s that personal relationship that allows us to deliver the perfect travel results for your organisation.

Here are the types of services we offer that might be useful to your business:

  • Travel bookings (both online & offline)
  • Supplier negotiations (airlines, hotels, car hire…)
  • Travel policy development & monitoring / enforcement

“As a frequent global traveller in my professional life I appreciate the kind of attention to detail that ensures I get the full benefits from each assignment. Concierge Business Travel is very focused on personalised service based on vast experience and the best global partners. I am delighted to be a new member of a team that is all about raising the bar for its clients. “

Technology to give you control

We use our technology to give you control. We are proud of our suite of travel technology products that have been designed and developed in an effort to meet all of our clients’ needs, particularly in relation to travel policy adherence, cost savings initiatives, duty of care for travelling employees and reporting.

Concierge Hub is an online portal which is a central point for all things travel related. It is tailored to your individual travel program and includes an online booking tool, a reporting tool, expense management system, duty of care portal, a central repository for travel policies and more.

Concierge Business Travel offers you a policy compliant online booking tool, which can give you and your travellers the freedom to book, within your predetermined travel policy. You can also set up designated travel bookers, or travel approvers giving you as much freedom or control as you want.

We have also developed interactive itineraries which helps make travelling more convenient and provides you with richer, relevant information.

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Reporting to help you make informed decisions

We provide you with the visibility you need to clearly understand what’s happening with your business’ travel. We help you understand traveller behaviour and help you make confident, informed decisions about the future. If you like, we can also provide you with raw travel data so you can conduct your own on-the-spot analysis. And we proactively search for patterns and will make recommendations to you on a regular basis.

Our online reporting tool gives you access to intuitive dashboard style data enabling you to review key metrics in real time. The tool also allows you to build your own customised reports giving you insight into your travel program’s performances and booking behaviours.

Combining the online reporting tool with quarterly reviews provides the account manager with the opportunity to highlight any areas of improvement, or potential improvement to ensure that you’re getting the most from your travel program.

An optimised travel programme

We combine our expertise, experience and leading technology to prepare you a travel programme that’s optimised – and realistic. It’s all about finding the best possible services while achieving the most effective value for money. 


Processes for peace of mind

We know bad things can happen. So whenever there is any known or potential threat to life, or loss of life, we initiate our Incident Management Process. It has been meticulously designed to ensure the safety of your people, and it allows us to track and manage notifications to keep you informed throughout the process.