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The region’s leading security provider, Wilson Security, protects the well-being of thousands of customers and their businesses by offering the highest level of protection and peace of mind for customers across myriad industries and complex business scenarios.


They came to us to help them manage the rotation of staff to off-shore locations where they provide security.

What we’ve achieved

  • Proficient online FIFO booking process to offshore locations averaging 80–90 travellers on a 2:1 rotation
  • 30% savings achieved per rotation through adopting a best fare of day policy and guaranteed group seating allocations
  • 95% online adoption that has resulted in a 25% reduction in travel management fees

What they say about us

“Our relationship with Concierge over the past year has greatly improved our travel processes through the adoption of an online booking tool. We leave the travel organisation to Concierge so that we can concentrate on our core business.”

Nicole Tanner, Accountant – Offshore 


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