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The Australian Olympic Committee needed to book nearly 1,700 airline tickets for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. They needed the expertise of a hands-on travel management company. They needed Concierge Business Travel.

About the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC)

The AOC is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation committed to the development of youth and sport. The AOC is responsible for selecting, sending, and funding the Australian athletes and teams that compete in the Olympic Games.

Haphazard Arrangements Could Leave Australian Olympic Teams Grounded

The AOC needed to safely transfer nearly 1,700 travellers and equipment to and from Rio de Janiero for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games while competing for seats on planes with 500,000 foreign travellers arriving in Brazil.

“We started planning travel arrangements for our athletes more than a year in advance and continually needed to change in the lead up to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games.” said Jessica Hurford, General Commercial Manager for the AOC. “I am grateful Concierge Business Travel was able to deal with all our changes and last minute requirements. The AOC needed a travel management company with deep connections in the industry, expansive experience in complex bookings, and the ability to work around the clock reserving and confirming reservations.”

Upgrading to First Class Service

Concierge Business Travel dedicated staff in our Australian offices to work solely on the AOC travel arrangements for Rio and provided an experienced consultant to the AOC to ensure their needs were met. We even sent two staff members to Rio to have boots on the ground during the Games to handle any last minute problems.

Other than the expected requirements, Concierge Business Travel also had to deal with unusual arrangements such as:

– Book and rebook nameless reservations with airlines to ensure seats were open when athletes and teams qualified to compete

– Rearrange flights in the middle of the night for competitors based in Europe that fell ill

– Arranged for a delayed flight to park next to a connecting flight on the tarmac so the women’s basketball team arrived in Rio on time

– Intervened to ensure that the vets for the Equestrian team arrived with the horses when Air France went on strike

– Arranged for the transport of awkward and/or bulky sporting equipment, like canoes, pole vaults, and firearms, and stepped in when airlines refused to accept equipment at check in.

Cruising Through Complications at 30,000 Feet

By the end of the Rio Games, Concierge Business Travel successfully arranged for the travel of 1,699 travellers, equipment, and animals to and from Rio de Janiero.

“Concierge Business Travel had a huge and complicated workload,” Hurford noted. “It was a truly long-term, complex project that they pulled off beautifully even with inevitable travel disruptions and complications.”

“We have complete trust in Concierge Business Travel to get our athletes where they need to go on time so we’re pleased to be parterning with them again for the 2020 Olympic Games.”

“Concierge Business Travel provided extraordinary service on an every day basis. The arrangements for the nearly 1,700 travellers were complex and ever-changing but Concierge Business Travel never missed a beat.” – Jessica Hurford, General Manager Commercial, AOC

About Concierge Business Travel

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