Say goodbye to hotel chargebacks.

07 July 2016by Concierge Business Travel

Say goodbye to hotel chargebacks.

Concierge Business Travel is the Australian launch travel management company for the new American Express virtual payment solution.

Virtual payments are nothing new, however for the first time we can issue Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) to suppliers of accommodation and car hire whilst continuing to do the same for air travel. This offers you the chance to end the cumbersome and time consuming mechanism of hotel chargebacks, and will see all business related travel expenses combined into a centrally billed consolidated account.

A VAN, if you don’t know, is a digitally generated American Express Card that has a unique 15-digit number, expiry date and CVV. It’s single use and issued for a specific travel purpose - for example a hotel stay. They are particularly popular with organisations who do not issue individual cards to travellers, or have a high dependency on contractors.

What does that means for you?

- Firstly, a lot less administration and lower processing costs!

- You’ll have the ability to either cap the amount on the single-use cards or restrict what is charged to it. Room only, room & breakfast? You choose!

- Travellers will have a more seamless experience. Did you know PCI regulations required chargeback authorities to be faxed? Hotel front desks have a habit of misplacing them.

- The prospects of fraud are lower than the traditional chargeback method.

- Reconciliation is streamlined with a single statement and the inclusion of enhanced data.

We are delighted to have the first customer in Australia up and running on this solution. We’d welcome the opportunity to chat to you about your needs and how we can help you. Give Jose or Andrea a call or drop them a line at to start the discussion.



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