Concierge Business Travel was created by travel industry pioneers, with over 90 years experience in the travel industry behind them, they had the experience, knowledge and a passionate vision to change the scope of Business Travel Management.

Corporate social responsibility

Making our difference

Concierge Business Travel is a business that truly cares. And as such, we’ve adopted strong philanthropic and environmental policies internally and within the community.

We participate in charity events such as Clean up Australia, Earth Hour and Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day. We raise donations in times of need, and encourage each other to contribute by matching employees’ donations dollar for dollar.

Internally, we only use environmentally responsible paper and toner cartridges, and have adopted Earth Hour strategies all year round.

In the community

Concierge Business Travel Scholarship Program

In 2013, we teamed up with Sydney University Football Club to offer two tuition and accommodation scholarships.

The first scholarship is for a student rugby player of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin and is designed to nurture the professional and personal development of young men so they’re empowered to become leaders and role models in their communities.

Proudly, we also sponsor a Legatee in association with Legacy and St. Andrews College. He’s studying Engineering as well as Physical Education. He’s assisting SUFC as a trainer and is hoping to return to playing rugby after several operations on his wrist.

Supporting Snowdome

Snowdome’s mission is to improve the outcomes for Australian men, women and children with blood cancer.

Founded in 2010, it aims to unlock new treatments by channelling government and private philanthropic investment into early phase human clinical trials of next-generation drugs and therapies.

In 2014, Concierge Business Travel sponsored ‘Occasional Coarse Language Too’ in the Sydney to Hobart race, with all the sponsorship money going to support Snowdome’s mission to give Australian blood cancer patients longer, better lives.

Australian Olympic Committee

We’re proud to be the official travel management company of the Australian Olympic Committee. As part of this honour, we provide 360 degree support to AOC executives, officers, employees and Australian Olympic Team members. This involves everything from managing, booking, confirming and issuing tickets, to any other travel related support for all Olympic events.

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