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Client stories


V.I.P. Petfoods is acknowledged as the world’s largest producer of fresh chilled pet food. We help them move their teams between their specialist factories across Australia and now around the world as VIP Petfoods establish operations in Asia and the USA.

Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

In 2016 we’ll move the Australian Olympic team members and their equipment to the game of the XXXI Olympiad. Together with team officials and athletes families that’s 1,500 people!

Sierra Leone (Freetown)

When the Ebola outbreak occurred in 2014 we helped land SBS’ journalists and news crews into Freetown at a time when most people where trying to get out. This involved diplomatic clearances and work with the local airlines.


The spectacular scenery and intense competition of the Tour de France has increasingly captivated Australian television audiences in June of each year. For the past 3 years it’s been Concierge Business Travel who have managed the travel arrangements for the film crew covering the event.

Australia (Perth - offshore)

Each year we move ships crews to man Teekay’s fleet of marine energy & transportation vessels. Last year that included over 1,000 trips to West Australia alone.

Japan (Northern)

Australians love to ski, and many do. The trouble is when they get injured and require ambulatory care to get home it’s a complex business. We work with SureSave Travel Insurance to repatriate sick and injured travellers from all around the world including Japan.

Australia (Melbourne)

When The Royal Collage of Pathologists of Australasia hold their annual conference it’s our Groups & Events team who manage the travel logistics. Next year that will see 1,200 delegates from around Australia & New Zealand come together in Melbourne.

New Zealand (Auckland)

In 2015 ISS became our launch customer for our New Zealand operation. It’s a unique model we’d love to chat with you about.

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